The tug boat and the tanker. Transforming a multi-national with a small team – Chad Williams

Thirty-six years ago, Dimension Data was founded by 5 young entrepreneurs and operated out of a garage in Johannesburg. In 2016, with 31,000 employees in 58 countries, Dimension Data was made up of several companies that it had acquired over the preceding 20+ years as part of its competitive advantage and expansion strategy. Despite a strong leadership team and clear strategic objectives, execution and visibility of key initiatives across such a broad global footprint were elusively difficult to co-ordinate and ultimately deliver. The decision to use the Scaled Agile Framework for Lean Enterprises (SAFe) addressed the execution concerns, facilitated the alignment of key business initiatives, and delivered the visibility required. The re-branding of Dimension Data to NTT globally has introduced yet another dynamic and lifted the visibility of the company to another level. I’ll tell the story of how enterprise business agility is supporting our global transformation, across the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, Australia and the Middle East & Africa.

Chad’s Biography:

As technology continues to evolve and disrupt the status quo at an increasing rate, individuals and ultimately organisations need new frameworks and paradigms to cope with and leverage this change. I thrive on helping leaders adapt and evolve their organisations to take advantage of the incredible opportunities surfaced by this emerging technology wave.