Leading a Transformation without Getting Fired – Jardena London

Leading a transformation is not for the faint at heart. Transformation Leadership requires competencies not traditionally developed by organizations. I’ve been doing this role since before it had a name. I’d like to share the stories of my journey through scrapes, bruises, and successes. Maybe you’ll learn something, surely you’ll laugh.

Jardena’s Biography:

Jardena’s mission is to help organizations become healthy, productive and fun. She is out in the field consulting to the Fortune 50 on Enterprise Business Agility. Jardena’s diverse background, starting as a programmer, project manager and then launching multiple startups, has created a dynamic lens to view organizations.

Her most recent successes have been transforming a large legacy organization into a modern workplace with breakout results. Jardena served as co-founder and CEO of Rosetta Technology Group since 1997. Check out her blogtoon on workplaces that thrive at www.rosettatg.com/blogtoon.