Disrupt, unleash and co-create Leadership – Sarika Kharbanda

My art of the possible story is about an organisation in the BFSI domain that’s pushed to transform so that they can respond to change in a more swift way as the world today expects and given the amazing pace of change.

How did I help unleash the hidden potential within the leaders, at times even disrupt their current leadership style and help them see the mirror to bring about this change across the organisation; not just in their departments but horizontally across the organisation. – and at times even change my own ways of working to catalyse change…..

What would that mean to them:

  • Do they lose their current status and authority and control in the organisation
  • Why should they share information across departments?
  • Do they really have to know about what impacts the other department really and does that impact them, their teams and their departments or even their supervisors?
  • How they need to be sensitive to different perspectives of the same change and do the small things needed to nudge the change in the transformation forward one step at a time?
  • How can they co-create (and why should they?) to bring such a culture that drives high employee engagement?

Why should someone go see it?
This art of the possible story brings out how leaders in today’s world could co-create change, disrupt and unleash their own leadership styles to embrace new learning – even unlearning where needed and with many failures. And other aspects that I share in the brief summary above. I’m sure that would interest people to listen in to the story.

Sarika’s Biography:

Global Lean Change agent; who believes and lives with being comfortable with uncertainty and complexity in the VUCA world today. I am passionate about co-creating change with businesses, leadership, teams and individuals and helps explore how to nudge change forward by understanding and valuing different perspectives.

I have more than 22 years of experience and have been instrumental in leading change transformations globally across Singapore, Poland, the Nordic countries, Europe, UK and India with technology, insurance and financial sector organizations such as the DBS Bank, Nordea Bank Denmark.

Today, I help businesses, leadership, teams and individuals build an adaptive growth mindset and on-board them on a path to agility; agility that allows them to respond and adapt in the VUCA world today.

I am the conference chair of 2 global conferences that are now in India: Spark the Change India and Business Agility India. I’ve recently announced a talk show on ‘Perspectives of Change’ that allows exploring how to nudge change forward by understanding and valuing different perspectives.