Join us in Johannesburg

Business Agility is described by Evan Leybourn and Sally Elatta as “The ability to adapt to change, learn and pivot, deliver at speed, and thrive in a competitive market because, gone are the days when big eats small. Today fast is eating slow. The ability to learn and deliver faster than competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage.”

Many organisations are in various stages of agile transformation and they are looking back and wondering where the promised returns are. Yes, their IT departments can deliver faster but that was not really the point – the point was to deliver value to their customers in an iterative, speedy and inclusive manner. These organisations have reached what we call a “glass ceiling” in that they will not achieve true agility if they do not embrace agility across the breadth and depth of their organisation. If they do not engage and change the mindsets of the leaders, managers and employees in all departments, they will not achieve the true value of agile. The HR, Finance, Procurement and Legal departments play a huge role in the success of true agility, yet they are often far from this action. It is a team effort at all levels and within all disciplines.

Business Agility South Africa will bring together seasoned practitioners of business agility who have walked the path to greater innovation and thrived along the way. Practitioners, executives, and thought leaders will share their insights through short “lightning” talks throughout each day. You’ll get the chance to discuss what you’re learning, share insights, and brainstorm with others through “deep dive” discussion groups. Finally, you’ll enjoy expanding your local and international network, forging new connections that bring a newfound energy to your agile journey.

Most importantly? You will expand your own growth mindset and discover new ways of working and new ways of doing.

Can’t wait to see you.